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Serial Podcast

The Serial podcast is about a murder. Young Adnan Syed was accused and convicted of his girlfriend Hae Min Lee’s murder in 1999. An anonymous phone call tipped police off about Adnan and made him the main suspect. Lee was found buried in a shallow grave in Leakin Park. Her cause of death? Manual Strangulation.

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Map of bodies found in Leakin Park (5a1d1802d98512b68bc55e01770b0bfb)

Adnan was convicted of first degree murder.

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Hay Min Lee and Adnan Syed (Hae-Min-Lee.jpg)

Recently I listened to the Serial podcast. Now, I’ve only listened to episode one, but I really liked it. I like crime stories and enjoy watching crime documentaries so I was immediately interested. This is a topic of which we brushed over in my grade ten English class and I liked it then too. I find Adnan’s story very fascinating and in this episode it is only the beginning.

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Adnan Syed (151107171612-adnan-syed-yearbook-photo-exlarge-169.jpg)

This piece of investigative journalism is presented through a podcast which I both like and dislike. I like it because you can listen to it and many eye-witnesses are interviewed. Through this format you can hear the tone that the witnesses and the investigator use which helps develop the story better than in written form. I dislike this format because you can’t see anyone or anything. I would prefer to be able to see the investigator, witnesses, and scenes being described.

This has become a very popular podcast.

Serial supports Adnan Syed by interviewing his close friends and giving supporting evidence that he may have been wrongly convicted. How would this make Hae Min Lee’s family feel? That is a very good question. This podcast goes against their opinion of their daughters death and takes away from their justice. That fact alone I’m sure angers them. They also did not know that Hae Min was dating Adnan. This, in my opinion, would affect the way they viewed the case and Adnan to begin with. Lee’s family probably does not like the podcast or it’s popularity. In their situation who would?

I like to listen to this type of text instead of read because it helps me to better understand and pay attention to the story. Listening to a text helps by setting the tone through voice instead of words. This makes it easier to interpret the meaning and mood. A draw back of this format would be it is easy to get distracted by things around you when you are not reading and moving your eyes along the page. This works for some but not for others.

At the beginning of this episode Koeing introduces an idea. It is hard for people,

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Sarah Koeing (sarah-koeinig.jpg)

especially busy teens to remember specific points of their day and week. I agree with this point because I find it hard to remember what I did on a specific date and time.I think throughout the rest of the podcast that point will be in the back of my mind. I think that some of the evidence will be foggy because of that point.

To read more about this case: follow this link and this link to listen to the podcast click here.